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When is the best time to visit your GP?

It can be a real struggle to meet up with a doctor’s appointment especially after a stressful day at work. Most of the times a lot of people miss an appointment with their GP often due to the fact that something pressing came up. For others, they may have an appointment with their GP at a time when he is tired and may not be able to give his very best.

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A question that may run through your mind is; when exactly is the best time for me to see my GP.

Well, a lot of medics have suggested that the best time for patient to see their GP is in the morning. They went along to explain that during the morning hours, doctors make better decisions, especially when compared to the afternoon where they are more likely to make poor decisions probably as a result of stress and fatigue. For more information, visit the Acumed Singapore blog.


It is not surprising that GP’s are usually exhausted in the afternoons. You see, they have to attend to about 50 or 60 patients on the average every day. Despite the fact that the international guideline set a standard on the number of people a GP should attend to.

Many GPs have attested to the fact that the quality of their decision reduces as the day goes by and because of the fact that they are tired and exhausted, they will not be able to make a sound judgment.

One reputable GP (Rachel Ali) that is presently based in London described decision fatigue as a concept which involves a steady decline in the quality of the decisions that GP doctors make during the day. She also went along to say that she would prefer to be among the first five patient rather than the last five patients to visit a GP.

Presently, many GP have different opinions as to the number of patients they should attend to daily. A recent poll that was taken shows that a lot of GP want to attend to half of the present number of patients they attend to presently.

Many GP are struggling to handle the workloads that are cut out from them each and every day. Their goal is to provide the best of service to their patients but achieving that goal is becoming almost impossible. No GP want to make a mistake rather they want to do all they can to practice safely. But a factor that prevents them from achieving this is stress coupled with fatigue.

In recent years, there has been a rise in the wait time at a lot of clinic centers and the impact of this is felt by the patients. A current research from the library in the house of Commons shows that more than fourteen million patient have to wait for a week before they can get an appointment with a doctor.

Next, we are going to be looking at how you can get more from your appointment with your GP

  1. Make preparations: Make a comprehensive list of the questions, symptoms you want to discuss.
  2. Asking questions: If there is anything you don’t understand quite well, ask your doctor to repeat or make it clearer for you to grasp.
  3. Never be embarrassed: Of course, you might think that your issue is very embarrassing to discuss with your GP, what can help you here is to keep in mind that your GP has seen whatever you are hiding countless number of times.
  4. Focus: In other to get more out of your visit to your GP, focus on the major problems.

If you apply the tips in this article, you will be able to get more out of your visit to your GP.


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