The most decadent cake shops and bakeries in Singapore



For all those who have a sweet-tooth, here is a great guide to the best cake shops in Singapore. It contains bakeries and cake shops from all corners. Singapore is the place to visit if you are a foodie, and have a sweet tooth! There are so many unique bakeries and cake shops out there nowadays, that their creations are no less than art!

Traditionally, there used to be only a few flavors, like vanilla and chocolate dominating the cake business. Nowadays, one can even get a photo stamped on a cake, to say nothing of a 3D cake! Rainbow cakes have become quite popular as well or even customized cheesecakes which has recently sprung out to ride on cheese fever. Some of this cheesecake shops include  that is worth checking out if you a cheese lover. There are also many new flavors in the market such as matcha, lemon, and expresso. These original and, more importantly, yummy cakes are now available in many shops across Singapore. Shop Wonderland is a great place with cakes and coffee. They are popular for their unique way of decorating their desserts and providing great customizations.

Edith Patisserie started out as a small-time bakery by two pastry chefs. They have all kinds of wild combinations and would not back out even if you ask for boozy flavors in your dessert! Jo Takes The Cake is a run by Jo herself single-handedly. She produces the most delectable cupcakes and tier cakes in the town! You will have to get in touch with her in advance since she runs the shop by herself. Pure Pandan offers that which nobody today does. Basic, creamy cakes! The fluffy and light cakes here would make you their loyal customer forever. If you do not like this or would prefer to have something a bit more adventure, they offer that as well. These professionals will bake your cake for your, in a way that you wish. This list by Dinesh Ajith contains the most alluring dessert places in Singapore.


Birthday cakes in Singapore: Best bakeries and stores – from personalized cakes to ready-made designs

Since Shop Wonderland’s opening on our street, we’ve been guilty of frequently popping over for a quick caffeine fix, or spending late lunches surrounded by the cafe’s swoon-worthy interiors and abundant flowers. But more than just a gorgeous place to dine at, the cafe also offers stunning ready-made cakes ($85), with subtle floral flavours and the prettiest of presentations. To customise your own, contact

A chance encounter between two pastry aficionados at culinary school led to this small home-style bakery that whips up delicious treats like a salted caramel vanilla buttercream cake or teh tarik cake. They even do a boozy tiramisu if you want to mix things up a bit.

This huge cake and catering portal boasts a whopping repertoire of over 350 birthday cake designs and flavours. And if you want to score a delish treat without breaking the bank, say hello to your new best friend! With so many cakes to choose from, finding something within budget should be a cinch. The good peeps at even put their money where their mouth is and offer a best price guarantee; if you can find it cheaper elsewhere, it will lower its price to match. The website also boasts a handy (yet dangerous!) map feature that allows you to instantly view where you can find the nearest cake.

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These cake shops are ready with their cartoon-theme cakes, 3D designs, and even a Harry Potter cake! How cool is that?

No matter if you are looking out for yummy and customized birthday or wedding cakes, or just some desserts to enjoy your lazy Sunday evening, we have got you covered. If you are planning a surprise for your loved one, spend the time getting fabulously dressed and ready instead of sweating it out in the kitchen!

My Sister Bakes is a cake shop dedicated to florals designs on cakes. They can even create tulips and chrysanthemums! Cakequembouche’s designs are based on all kinds of bottles. You can ask them to make you a whiskey bottle cake or a wine bottle! This idea is perfect! This list by Cheryl Tan has some of the funkiest cake shops on the list.


10 Bakers In Singapore Where You Can Get Bespoke Cakes & Desserts

My Sister Bakes

If you know someone who wants a floral cake, but prefers other flowers instead of the overused roses, check out My Sister Bakes. They’re one of the few bakeries around who can pipe flowers including tulips, ranunculus and chrysanthemums! Not to mention the dark drip cakes that are perfect for people who are averse to pastel colours or anything floral.

Baker’s Brew Studio

I admit that I’m one of those that jumped onto the Tsum Tsum bandwagon when it first came out, and these cakes are perfect for that someone who’s still playing the game.

Baker’s Brew Studio can create any designs that you desire using hand piped buttercream, and if you’re not a fan of that, how about using fondant to get a Harry Potter cake? Time to hint to my friends to get it for my birthday this year…

White Spatula

For the little niece and nephew who enjoys cartoons like Peppa Pig or My Little Pony, try White Spatula. The cakes here come with toy toppers of the cartoon characters that you can keep even after finishing the cake.

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If you are in Singapore and looking for some dessert delight, you can be sure you will find that in these places. From cheesecakes to other mouth-watering desserts, these bakeries and cakeries will lead you to the best places in Singapore to have your fill of the delightful cakes and other sweet treats. This list by Marissa Saini has all the popular and the yummiest cake shops.

Best cheesecakes in Singapore: Cafes and bakeries that make unique cheesecakes

Fluff Bakery: Matcha cheesecake tart

Dessert-lovin’ folks are snapping up baked goods almost faster than they can make ’em over at the popular Fluff Bakery – and if their cheesecake is any indicator, it’s no wonder why. While not really a cake per se, the tart base holds in the cheesecake mixture perfectly, while the slightly-bitter Japanese matcha mellows out any cloying sweetness.

Chezcake Bistro: Lychee martini cheesecake

While fruit pairings have long dominated the cheesecake scene, you’ve never seen one quite like this. This boozy, cheesecake for grown-ups (sorry kids) at Chezcake Bistro is infused with lychee pulp and soaked with a diabolical mixture of vodka and rum – who says a cake can’t get your head in a tizzy? Read more here.

Are you satiated now?

In conclusion, Singapore is a haven for all those who are addicted to these sweet desserts. You will find everything from basic, fluffy cakes to a complicated 3D cake here. They taste just as good as they look, if not better! If you have come to Singapore looking to satisfy your sweet cravings, you have come to the right place. Pay these cake shops a visit and you will know!